Adobong Kangkong Recipe

Adobong kangkong is an exemplary dish you can track down in a few Filipino homes. This modest dish is a blend of a few fixings that are cheap and effectively open. We definitely know the amount Filipinos love adobo- – however with kangkong particularly, it’s so difficult not to adore!

adobong kangkong
About kangkong
Kangkong is a sort of spinach- – water spinach, to be careful. Like watercress, it is green, verdant, and gentle in taste. A significant number of its dishes include drenching it in solid tasting sauces, similar to soy sauce or clam sauce, so it retains these preferences; it likewise draws out the slight nuttiness of its own flavors. Whether you’re bubbling, whitening, or steaming it, kangkong is truly flexible, and pleasant regardless of how you cook it.

In any case, you don’t simply eat kangkong in light of the fact that it’s heavenly; you eat it since it’s nutritious, as well! Kangkong is an extraordinary wellspring of a few supplements, including however not restricted to Vitamin A, copper, calcium, and zinc. Every one of the supplements that involve kangkong truly make it a force to be reckoned with of wellbeing – leaving your stomach cheerful and your body sound!

For additional pleasant realities about this extraordinary vegetable, you can look at this article about kangkong here.

Loving adobo
step by step instructions to cook adobong kangkong
As we referenced before, adobo is really a work of art. Matching just sinigang for the title of Public Dish, I’m certain in the event that you’ve been to a Filipino family you’ve had a variety of adobo something like once. Adobong kangkong is only one of the multiple ways you can make adobo. Here are a portion of my different top choices:

Obviously, you can’t turn out badly with the exemplary pork adobo. I love the way delicious and succulent the pork gut in this recipe becomes, and matched with the adobo sauce? It’s downright heavenly. This Coke Pork Adobo recipe is an extraordinary illustration of how you can put a bend on an exemplary solace food. For this recipe, we’ve added Coke to soften the pork further, as well as add its own sweet flavor.

Chicken adobo is one more conventional approach to getting a charge out of adobo. The incredible thing about adobo is that it is so versatile to a few recipes; you can have it “wet” or “dry,” with pretty much fixings, and the outcome will quite often come out delectable. I truly love this Executioner Chicken Adobo in light of the fact that while it’s on the “dry” side, the sauce’s flavors truly emerge. We likewise use lemon lime soft drink in the marinade to add a more complicated profundity of flavors.

On the off chance that you’re a fish fan, the Adobong Pusit may be an ideal response for you! Consistent with its name, this Simple Adobong Pusit is not difficult to follow- – and, surprisingly, more straightforward to appreciate. I love the way garlicky and umami the kinds of this adobong pusit get. What’s more, served over a storing cup of warm rice, it’s just extraordinary!

adobong kangkong recipe
Adobong kangkong is the ideal dish for the people who need that quintessential adobo taste, yet don’t need the weight of the typical protein. It additionally works for the individuals who are in a rush. Attempt this adobong kangkong today!

We should Cook Adobong Kangkong
The recipe for adobong kangkong is straightforward and speedy. In only a couple of moments’ time, you’ll as of now have an extraordinary starter or primary course prepared!

In a cooking pot, pour in 3 tablespoons of cooking oil. Allow it to warm up while you smash and hack a head of garlic, then throw it into the pot. Go ahead and mix it around marginally until it starts to brown. Add your onion next. Try to cook it until the surface relax.

Pour in your soy sauce, vinegar, you can likewise add a quarter to a portion of a cup water whenever liked. Heat it to the point of boiling – this is now your adobo sauce. You’ll add in your kangkong next, however in two sections: the stalks, and afterward the leaves. Try to isolate your kangkong leaves and cleave the stalks to a length of about an inch.

Add your kangkong stalks and let your adobong kangkong cook for about a little while. Then, at that point, sprinkle salt and ground dark pepper to taste, blending the kangkong stalks in the adobo sauce progressively.

A while later is an ideal opportunity to add in your kangkong leaves to your adobong kangkong, and mix it delicately. Cook these for around 30 seconds, as kangkong leaves cook rapidly; we don’t maintain that they should turn out to be excessively intense, nor excessively severe.

Filipino adobong kangkong
Move your adobong kangkong to a serving plate and top it with broiled garlic. You can appreciate adobong kangkong with a meat dish of your decision, on the off chance that you like. Nonetheless, serving it with rice is sufficient to take in its unstable flavors. The rice will absorb the adobo sauce effortlessly, and being a favorite is bound. Share it and appreciate!

There is one more adaptation of this dish that began in the Visayas area which I would adore you to attempt. It is called apan.

Have some good times cooking this adobong kangkong! Tell us your thought process!

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